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NYA: PlayQuarium

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NYA: PlayQuarium

Throughout the ocean there are amazing, unexpected places and ocean life for kids to discover!

Exhibit / Project Goal(s)

·  Create playful exhibit space that reveals the different, fascinating ocean habitats for sea life.

·  Inspire kids with early connections and affinity to value nature throughout their lives.

·  Provide up-close animal views and immersive opportunities for imaginative play, role-play, and habitat exploration.

·  Provide for inclusive space in regards to language and accessibility.

Cognitive Goal

·  Visitors will gain the understanding that, though looking out at the ocean seems like just a blue expanse, there is much more to be found—special places, special wildlife, and ways to explore them.

Affective Goal

·  To inspire in children an appreciative affinity for marine life, marine environments, and discovery of the natural world.