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Boiling Point


Boiling Point

Ocean Acidification is the ongoing decrease in pH in the earths oceans, resulting from the uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The fast changing environmental conditions pose a huge threat on the ecosystem and biodiversity of this planet.

Through a series of animated GIFs, I focus on the effects the elevated C02 has on the ecologically and economically important Walley Pollock. This species serves as a means of empathizing and simplifying this complex issue.


3 million tons are caught each year in the North Pacific.

Commonly used in Fast Food Industry to make Fish Sticks and Fillet-O-Fish


Early Life Stages with less developed acid base regulation are more vulnerable to lower pH. This leads to morphological deformities and a reduced survival rate.


The impact of acidification is effecting the balance of all marine organisms. If action isn't taken soon the entire ecology of this planet is in severe danger. This includes the Walley Pollock.